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Life. Coffee. Inspiration.

My blog, Girl From Peel, delves into all aspects of the human experience, from the highs to the lows. I believe in authenticity and aim to present the realness of life, which includes positivity, love, joy, pain, sadness, and frustrations. In my opinion, true happiness can only be understood by experiencing both the positive and negative emotions of life.


When it comes to writing, I tend to go on a tangent (as you can see from the above). Nonetheless, I am a coffee addict who enjoys home decor and puppies. Fortunately, I'm blessed to not hate my 9 to 5 job, and I also indulge in making t-shirts on the side. I fell into the art of t-shirt making and I find it thoroughly enjoyable as it allows me to tap into another creative avenue. From storytelling to creating t-shirts and hoodies, and now with my blog, I am always finding new ways to express my artistic side.


If you want to know more about me and my story, please check out my website and explore what this Girl From Peel (yes, it's a real place) has been up to. Remember, being alive is a beautiful thing, and everything else is a work in progress.



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